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About Tiler Tiling Perth

We are a locally owned and operated company here in Perth, Western Australia, with over 25 years of tiling and waterproofing experience. We are fully qualified and licensed with all trade certificates; we take pride in all the tiling projects we do because they are the solid reputation that we have gained over the years of excellence in service. We do provide a range of different home and commercial services that are suited for each individual project.

As a small business, we like to keep things personal and customer-focused, so you end up with the best tiling solution for your home or business.

We don’t charge for quotes

For example, when we quote a project for you, we do this free of charge with no obligation. That way you can figure out how much it will cost you to work with us without having to spend any money up front.

We work hard to deliver a great final product. We’ve got the experience and the training to make sure our jobs are done effectively. We also make sure we are easy to communicate with.

We enjoy talking with our customers about their vision for the project so that they get the best outcome possible.

Complete advice available

Our customers come to us with different needs, and we are happy to accommodate them. Some come to us knowing exactly what they need, with a strict deadline and a clear vision of what the end goal will look like. Others aren’t so sure, they know they want something done but are still wondering about the finer details of the project.

We can offer advice about the project, give you information on what sort of tradespeople you may need to work with, and tell you how we can help you achieve your goal. Again, to get a quote from us is 100% free.

High-grade supplies

We make sure that with our projects we only use the best quality materials to ensure the longevity of your job, this is also an essential part of the compete tiling system, as many tiling companies might use cheap based materials to maximize their profit. We don't believe in this that's why when you choose to work with Tiler Tiling Perth you are always going to get top quality materials and craftsmanship and end up with a great finished look with longevity for your tiles from us.

We also have an extensive network of suppliers, which means that we can source our materials reliably, without being overly dependent on one supplier.

We don't get held up when a supplier doesn't have a particular product that we need for your project, as we have many contacts.

All our supplies come with a full manufacturer’s warranty, so you are covered if anything does go wrong.

A Company that wants the best for you

We're not a large, faceless organization. We are a small, locally owned and operated buiness here in Perth, Western Australia, so we want to make sure that every job we do is well done and to your satisfaction. Our ultimate goal is to serve you as our client with all the latest and best techniques in the tiling industry so you will end up with the best job possible that will last a lifetime.

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