Kitchen Splashback Tiling Ideas

Find new kitchen tile ideas for your home.

Kitchen Splashback Tiling Ideas

kitchen splashback tiling ideas

Best tile splashbacks for the heart of your home

Whether you are thinking of beautifying your kitchen with the latest mosaic tiles or choosing an alluring and straightforward plain metro tile, you should always consider the kitchen's splashback as the focal point that normally grabs peoples attention. 

Today's article offers an exciting and easy way to transform your kitchen splashback tiles to replicate a more modern design for your home and help you become the master of choosing suitable tiles by discussing some eye-catching ideas.

For a classic and modern look in a modest-sized kitchen, first of all, choose shining white colours to open up the area and provide a serene and sleek design when completed using the right accessories. Using such tiles will reflect the light, providing a bright look and contemporary feeling in the kitchen.

Another option is to go for a white metro tile that will beautifully decorate the internal charm with minimal style, especially in addition to using the latest coloured grout to master the subway aesthetic, which will catch the maximum attention of your guests, a highly recommended trend by the experts these days.

For a more attractive and classy look, try your tiling options with granite or marble. You can also set a gloss white or black coloured cabinets to provide a high-end finish alongside your new tiles. 

Let's explore more about kitchen splashback ideas and some of the desired needed to enhance your kitchen tiles further.

Stone Kitchen Splashback Wall Tiles

Keeping an eye on the present tradition of the world, marble and granite are some of the most used materials in a kitchen. In addition, stone wall tile mosaics like ( Carrara hexagon ) would add visual interest and texture to any kitchen. More, it can be easily cleaned, maintained and look great for many years to come.

Chevron Tiles

The chevron tile pattern is rows of interlocking parallelograms joined to create a zigzag pattern, and they can be installed on either floor or wall areas.

You can change the look of the standard Chevron by choosing a bold coloured grout in the joints to intensify the look of your chevron tile, which will give your kitchen more of a modern style look.

Monochromatic Kitchen Splashback

Monochromatic Kitchens are usually decorated in one colour, including your tiles and cupboards. You may often find monochromatic kitchens in different shades or patterns. Still, if you are looking for an incredible design for your kitchen tiles, Black and white monochromatic Kitchen Splashback tiles and kitchens can provide an eye-catching look and a perfect neutral look.

Finger Tiles - Kit Kat Tiles

Finger tiles, also known as kit-kat tiles, have a long and thin appearance, adding visual effects to your kitchen splashback without being too overpowering. Kit Kat tiles are one of the latest trends and the perfect choice for adding soft colours into your kitchen area.

Fish Scale Tiles

Fish Scale Tiles are available in a mosaic format and do come in various eye-catching colours. They have an overlapping circular pattern that resembles fish scales. They are the perfect splashback tile for transforming your kitchen into a striking feature.

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Herringbone Tiles

It's not surprising that herringbone tiles are the most popular tiles for kitchen splashback these days. Herringbone tiles date back to the Roman era and have been used in many Roman architectures. More, they are highly appreciated in French palaces, Egyptian form houses, and up to some extent within Europe and America.

The Herringbone tile is found in mosaic format and individual pieces. The herringbone pattern is rectangular tile pieces that meet at perfect straight edges to form a zigzag pattern. The patterned herringbone Tile can provide an elegant appearance throughout certain areas and are most famous within the classic kitchen splashback look.

Subway Tiles - White / Black Tiles With Dark / Light Grout

Subway or Metro Tiles are rectangular shaped ceramic or porcelain tiles. You can transform the entire look of your kitchen splashback by choosing white subway tiles using darker grouting or even using black subway tiles utilizing a light colour grout. This will help your tile enhance the quality appearance of your kitchen splashback, making the kitchen splashback look like a piece of art. As it is a natural phenomenon that everything simple can look magnificent and alluring. The dark/light grout will also give a natural appearance to the desired kitchen splashback.

Yellow Splashback Tiles

Have you ever noticed the elegant look of yellow splashback somewhere? It may never have crossed your mind. In this article, we are letting you know that you can be enhancing your kitchen splashback with sunshine yellow. It could feel strange to you, but I am referring to the ideas of many experts and the opinions of highly skilful individuals. I am thinking about a sunshine yellow tiled splashback with white, blue and green stripes for a sparkling finish. 

Large Format Tiles

Large Format Tiles may not be the first choice of many people looking for new splashback tiles due to their purchase and installation costs.

A Large Format Tile not only gives an eye-catching appearance but are highly versatile and can be easily cleaned with minimal effect. They are highly recommended by many design experts who are affiliated with higher companies around the world. 

Marble Kitchen Splashback

Marble Kitchen Splashbacks are highly used within various regions of the world. They are elegant, durable, heat resistant and highly recommended for moisture and humid areas. They are more expensive in terms of purchase and installation.

Printed glass splashback tiles

Go and print some of your favourite and stunning images or a patterned design on a piece of tile for your kitchen splashback. Choose brilliant colours with multiple patterned designs for an unmatched appearance. They are highly versatile tiles and can be cleaned with simple liquid soap. Their radiant appearance will last for a long-lasting time and can be maintained within a minimum budget.

Kitchen Splashback Tiling Ideas - Conclusion

 Hopefully, these 11 kitchen splashback tile ideas have opened your mind in terms of modern designs and the latest requirements. There are certainly more choices available in today's tile markets, from round to square-shaped or tiny mosaics to larger format tile.

So, it's never too late in choosing your desired kitchen splashback tile.

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