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Why hire professionals for a leaking shower

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Leaking Shower Solutions - What to do


Why hire professionals for a leaking shower

We believe that dealing with a leaking shower in your bathroom is one of the most challenging and problematic issues homeowners face. It is one of the annoying problems that can come out without much warning. Fortunately, it is no more a difficult task. A high and skilful team can handle your problem very well. If you are willing to fix a leaking shower, we are only one phone call away from your doorstep service, and we can help you get the best results. 

When water appears from areas where it should never leak, fear takes over! It would help if you got it fixed immediately; it may sound extreme after all; what's the big deal of tiny drops of water or bubbling paint on the walls? You mop it and move on, but this small detail can often lead to more significant problems when it escapes artificial made barriers like your shower hob or tiles. Eventually, it will become a critical issue to be fixed when more water keeps leaking out of the shower. 

What will you do when water keeps leaking out of the shower regularly?  

If you are faced with a leaking issue in your home and can't fix the problem yourself. You should hire a professional shower repair contractor for all your tasks, whether it's your shower leaking or your tile needing repairs. Hiring a professional for your concerned project can solve your leaking problem immediately and permanently. You might think about doing your leaking water prevention yourself to avoid the high cost, but it can be wrong as, in the end, it could cost you more time and money. 

Go! and fix the problem permanently by hiring a professional shower repairer in Perth, WA.

Following is points to consider when you need to find and hire a leaking shower solutions specialist in Perth.

Do they know what you really require?

First of all, when you live in an area like Perth, WA, you may find many contractors who have excellent knowledge of shower leaking problems that know what you need for a long-term solution. Then you may find contractors that will only want to do a quick fix solution with a similar cost, which could cause you more problems and cost in the long run. People should consult only professionals for the best techniques and materials, as they can provide quality and durability to your shower area and prevent leaks from happening again.

They wouldn't waste your time.

We all are aware of everyone's challenging routines these days. It is well-known that if you leave a shower leaking for some time, the problems will only worsen. People are susceptible to giving proper time to fix the shower. When hiring quality and skilful companies, you don't have to worry about your project. Simply! Call these professionals and let them know about the issues; they will help you fix the problem as soon as possible. 

Using advanced tools

When you assume your waterproofing fails, you need to call an efficient waterproofing contractor for your solution. Top service providers in Perth can offer quality work using the latest and most sophisticated tools. Whenever your waterproofing membrane fails to permit ingress or egress, you may need to go for re-grouting or a whole shower refurnish. If there is any evidence in your shower of the formation of efflorescence, re-grouting may be the best option for many professional companies.


If you want to have leaking shower repairs, you need to purchase different materials and tools. Hiring a professional team for your job would minimise your risk of spending extra money on your shower repair. Other companies offer different prices, and some companies tend to work on tiling projects. Some are keen to solve leaking shower problems, while others have a good hand in renovating bathrooms. 

You should always get a few quotes and agree with the best company for your requirements to get the best outcome. Always ask for a written quotation, so there are no issues later in the process.


The Main Reasons For Leaking Showers

  • Cracked tiles
  • Tiles are loose from the foundation
  • Grout missing 
  • Ground movement 
  • Waterproofing failure
  • Shower taps leaking behind the tiles
  • The shower screen is not sealed correctly
  • A pipe burst in a shower wall 
  • Shower waste has broken or leaked 

  • How to find the cause of the leaking shower?

    Firstly, you need to call Tiler Tiling Perth, who will give you professional and honest advice. Your insurance company may help, but always check your policy and contact them. Many insurance companies may cover the plumber's cost to repair the leaking pipe in your wall or floor but not your tiling.

    What To Inspect

    • Do a visual inspection of your shower wall and floor area

    • Check for cracked tiles 

    • Look for missing grout in corners and around the shower drain

    • Check silicone is still good and has no holes

    • Inspect your shower head for leaks behind the tiles

    • Inspect your taps behind the tiles 

    • Look at walls and floor area behind the shower for damage

    Once you check all points in the above information, You should know the best way to fix the leak, and you should call your local repair service to fix the problem effectively. 

    Causes of a Bath shower combination leak? 

    Bath Shower combinations include water pipes that connect your taps and rose. 

    • Older pipes that are cracked in your wall or floor area.

    • Fractures in the pipe works creating small water leakage.

    • Incorrect water pipe fittings.

    • Hiring an unskilled contractor for your shower leaking repairs.

    • Silicone around the bath area is damaged or not installed correctly

    • Waterproofing has failed behind the bath and tiles

    How To Repair Bath Shower Combinations?

    The Bath Shower Combination is a bath and shower in the same recess,

    It's best used for people that want both with limited space in their bathroom or ensuite.

    If you find dampness in your walls, floors or ceilings, this could be due to your bath shower leaking. Firstly you should check your wall areas for damaged, cracked tiles or grout; if this is all ok, check the silicone between your bath and tiles, ensuring it's in good condition with no holes. Next, check all your taps and shower head for any leaks behind the tiles, and if you still haven't found any problems, it may be due to your plumbing having a small leak.

    At this stage, it's best to contact your local tiler- Tiler Tiling Perth for your free inspection and quote for fixing this leaking problem.

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