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Tiler Tiling Perth can supply and install many screed types, including the most common floor screed manufactured using a 4:1 mix of Portland cement and plasterers sand. These mixes can also have performance-enhancing additives added to the mix to increase the screed's strength and durability. Another type of screed we can apply is acoustic tile underlay, which will significantly reduce the impact of sound level on your tiled floor areas. At Tiler Tiling Perth, your screed specialist, we can help you with any screeding requirements for your next Tiling Project as we provide tile screeding services from start to a finished product. 

Most wet areas and main floors may require screeding to fix your uneven floor and to achieve the correct falls. Floor screeding in all wet areas, including your bathroom, balcony, and laundry, is crucial for the whole tiling system. If done incorrectly, you may have ponding or leaking water issues. Screed that has been mixed poorly could end up being week and crumbly, which can break down in time. Also, If the screed has been incorrectly applied to the surface, it can become loose or drummy, which could be costly to fix and cause damage to your property. At Tiler Tiling Perth, we have 26 years of experience in floor screeding and can make sure your floor screed it's done the first time correctly.

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