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Is Outdoor Tiling A Good Idea?

Perth, WA, Australia, has one of the perfect climates for outdoor living. When creating your new outdoor living area, it's always recommended to use tiles for your patio, porch, alfresco, feature wall, and pool surrounds. It's well worth the investment. It can make your outside look impressive and stylish. Also, new tiles can make a big difference to your property's value. Contact your local recommended tilers from Tiler Tiling Perth for your no-obligation free quote if you're looking for any exterior tiling.

There are multiple types of outdoor tiles available that might surprise you! With a vast number of outdoor tiles, many choose either porcelain or ceramic tiles. Instead of these tiles, you can select a variety of concrete or travertine pavers that can be used for outdoor areas. If you have already decided what type of layout should be created for your outdoor space, you must consider the budget you are willing to spend, then accomplishing your dream is just a few steps away. 

The use of outdoor tiles will make your home look more stylish and comfortable. More, tiles can enhance the value of your house, and it's best to note when choosing tiles for your exterior. It may cost you more than other materials, but in the long run, it's well worth the investment. Finding the best and reliable tiles for outdoor spaces is sometimes tricky, but your outdoor area shouldn't be limited to patios and gardens only. Now, many more people are bringing the comfort of their homes interior to their exterior open spaces.

How Do Indoor Tiles Differ From Outdoor Tiles?

Even though outdoor tiles are more durable and reliable than indoor tiles, some indoor tiles cannot handle heavyweight, frost, and direct sunlight. In comparison, outdoor tiles can compete for these challenges and more. They are frost-resistant and can avoid any cracks as temperatures change. 


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Where To Use Outdoor Tiles?

These types of tiles can be used in a variety of spaces. They may be used on pool headers and surrounds, entertainment areas, courtyards, alfresco floors and outside living rooms.

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What Kind of Tile is Best for Outdoor Use?

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The Latest Trends and designs

Outdoor Tiles are an essential element of any house or a building. Tiles are considered to be the most important part of an alfresco. Their appearance shows the capabilities of a homeowner. There are more factors why individuals should pay attention to them. For creating an attractive and unique look of your outdoor area, you should pay attention to the following techniques and trends:

Porcelain Tiles

When creating an exterior space with porcelain tiles, you will find many varieties, colours, and styles are available in this material; it is the most commonly used exterior tile. When choosing a porcelain tile for your exterior floor, you must select a rough texture surface typically used outdoors.

Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo is one of the latest and unique designs since 2019. You may witness these tiles in many outdoor areas, like furniture showrooms or accessories shops. Some several different colours and designs are available. The latest combinations include soft pastels, striking black and white, blue and white with grey strips combination.

Subway Tiles

The classic subway tiles have had an interesting variation in the last few years. We can observe these tiles at the entrance of various shopping Malls, restaurants, and many other places. You can see the eye-catching subway tile; colours such as cobalt blue and fresh forest green, fire-red, and sunshine yellow.

Super-Sized Slab Tiles 

According to the latest standard, these tiles can be summed up in three words, natural look, colourful attraction, and larger. Compared to other tiles, these tiles fall in the best category in terms of durability, appeal and long-term reliability.

Travertine Tiles

Travertine tiles are mainly used for floors and walls and are available in four different styles and textures.

  1. Brushed: Matt brushed look
  2. Honed: between a matte and glossy look
  3. Polished: Shiny and glossy look
  4. Tumbled: Traditional Rustic Look

They are durable and can withstand all exterior elements.

Difference Between Pavers and Outdoor Tiles

Pavers are installed without using any adhesives and mortar. They are completely dried out before installing in the outdoor areas. However, tiles are installed using adhesives, grouting and cleaning materials. According to the latest research, using tiles instead of pavers can be more prominent. 

What Types of Materials Should be Used?

Natural stone is a term derived from tiles made from granite, travertine, slate, limestone, etc. These stones are much more popular because of their outdoor durability. However, it does cost extra than standard tiles to purchase and install.

Different Outdoor Tile Patterns

Natural stone is a term derived from tiles made from granite, travertine, slate, limestone, etc. These stones are much more popular because of their outdoor durability. However, it does cost extra than standard tiles to purchase and install.

The latest patterns include:

  • Herringbone tiles layout
  • Alternating stacked layout 
  • Brick bond tiling layout
  • Traditional staked layout

Outdoor Tiles Durability

Generally, outdoor tiles are more durable, hygienic, elegant, chemical-resistant and diverse than indoor tiles. Outdoor Tiles are made from various materials such as ceramic, porcelain, stone or mosaic, which can be highly durable and moisture-resistant.

Are They Easily Installed?

They are similar to indoor tiles in terms of installation, but it always depends on the type of tiles selected. There are a few tips that should be considered for best quality results. When laying tiles, you need a solid, flat and dry surface.

Top 3 Outdoor Tiles

Galaxy Granite Tiles:

Galaxy grey granite is the latest and modern with Ash and striking tones, used in various colours such as cobalt blue, hot yellow, cobalt fresh green, etc. Its durability and high strength make these tiles more ideal and popular. They are used in outdoor areas such as footpaths, driveways, garden spacewalks etc. 

However, Galaxy granite is available in various types, such as honed and flamed. Which is highly recommended and suitable for both internal and external applications.

Black Slate:

Black slate is available in various textures and sizes. The most famous colours include dark grey and black slate. Its surface is highly slip-resistant that is dense with a nicely designed texture on its surface. More, they are highly suitable for restaurants and bars floor in terms of cleaning and repair. These tiles can be easily moped, consuming less time. These tiles are more impermeable to water too.

These tiles are more suitable for indoor and outdoor areas. They can be installed in bathrooms and shower spaces because they are highly water-resistant. As we have discussed earlier, these tiles are slip-resistant. That's why they are more favourable for wet area flooring. 

Travertine Tiles :

Classic Travertine is the most popular natural stone that can be used for various outdoor projects. These charming and modern tiles are suitable for both traditional and contemporary environments. Classic Travertine can be highly favourable for the harsh Australian climate, as they retain less heat than other tiles.

While varieties of tiles are available in the markets, you can choose whatever style and design you want in your outdoor areas. It can be challenging to bring a standard appearance to your Exterior spaces, but you can make it easier for yourself by hiring a professional team and contractor. Always go for the best quality materials. Never tend to do exterior tiling work yourself. Instead, call an expert for your project to achieve an overall excellent appearance.


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