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As one of Perth's leading shower Regrouting companies, you can be satisfied and confident enough that your work will be completed to the highest standards. 

Our professional team have a good hand in shower tiling for all walls, floors, plus grouting in the shower areas. We do inspect the whole shower area before starting any work. We do only the best correct methods when repairing only a particular area or doing a complete regrout.

Our company professionals remove the old tile grout up to the depth of 2mm, clear the area from debris, dust and any unwanted material and then install the required grout. Once dry, we then clean the surface of the tile. We recommend all our clients seal the grout with a clear sealer to add that extra layer of protection. We do have well-trained employees who will keep updating you regarding your project progress. They will do quality work so that your tiles look new and fresh. We assure you that you can use your shower within 48 hours of the finished regrouting. 

Is It Applicable To Put New Grout Over The Older One?

'We always recommend to our customers is best to remove the old grout before applying the new one.'

Suppose that your grout is cracking continuously; you should contact your grout specialist Tiler Tiling Perth to find the proper solution. Even though the holes within the grout are small, failing grout is neither a small problem. Here the question arises that if we put new grout instead of removing the older one? 

The answer to this question is that you cannot put the new grout over the old grout, once again absolutely "not".

Regular grout is a paste formed due to a combination of water and a mixture of different powders. To make the area watertight, we recommend using the grout additive to create a tight bond between tiles. Once you notice cracks in your shower area, you must replace the grout before further damages.

Keeping all these issues in mind, we have well-trained workers who have been working for the last two decades in this field. They can provide you with the best solutions, which will be highly suitable for better execution of your required work.

Some Significant Reasons To Clarify Why Can't You Put New Grout On The Older One?

A few reasons will demonstrate to you why can't you add new grout over the old one? 

1. If you are willing to put new grout over the old one.

you will notice that the newly applied grout will not adhere to the surface of the older one properly. It will leave the shower area open to the water. If you want to add grouting only to the cracks, the grout will begin to break away.

2. Adding new grout over the old one causes levelling issues.

You may notice that your old grout looks a little bit thin compared to the newly applied one. This means if you grout over the old one, you will have joints that may protrude the tiles, causing your shower to look unsightly.

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Cost To Regrout Your Shower

Tiles regrouting range 


For decades, working as a leading company, we have offered people to pay around $250 to $1000 for the whole shower grouting project. Sometimes people tend to spend more than $2000, depending on their plans. We often offer our customers some special discounts in this regard too. We always provide our customers with a quotation as low as $180 and as high as $2500.

Sometimes we plan to replace the cracked tiles within minimum cost, but that may not be the case at all. We recommend our customers spend some extra money on regrouting rather than the repairing process. Doing this may bring a fresher look to the shower area for which you are looking for.

Typically, we work on a job rate. You could spend around $10 on a 5kg bag of dry grout and $160 on one litre of pre-mixed epoxy grouting. Our tiling company tends to use the best quality grout brands.

some of these grout products are described below:

• Mapei 

• Davco 

• Ardex 

When Do You Need To Regrout A Shower?

More than 70% of Australians shower every day. No doubt, shower usage within the region is relatively high. But do you ever pay attention to your grouting while having a shower?

Grouting is easily ignored everywhere, but unfortunately, it could cost you so much. If you leave your shower without grout replacement, it can lead to water damages in the future. 

Installed grout doesn't last forever, and it has a lifespan of several years (around 10 to 20 years). Its lifespan depends on how you treat these tiles in the shower area.

We have professionals in our company who are available for your doorstep services. They will inspect your shower area and, if needed, will perform specific regrouting techniques so that the grout's sheen lasts a longer time. If your shower is left uninspected for some time, water stains will discolour your shower grout.

Is It Worth Regrouting A Shower?

Why regrout the shower tiles- benefits of regrouting 

Regrouting prevents not only water damage but also aids in bringing freshness to the shower tiles. Our professional workers can do quality grouting on the shower tiles by utilising the latest technology and modern tools. We have highly experienced workers who can do regrouting within 5 to 8 hours.

If your shower tile grout is dirty, stained and looking old, then you must contact tiling professionals before further damages. Luckily, we have a well-trained team of professional workers who look after all the bathroom and shower area problems. 

However, regrouting means replacing the old grout with the new one. You may tend to do it yourself, as long as you have the right tools. It is highly recommended to freshen up your shower tiles using our professional team. Grouting may take some time and costs, but it's a must to get done as it could end up costing you more in the long run if not done correctly. 

Before starting the project, make sure to check all your options, including a budget, the latest tools and up-to-date installation techniques. Fortunately, we offer modern tiling and grouting services at your doorstep. It is never a wrong statement to say we are only a call away from your shower regrouting Perth project.


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