Six Best Tips For Tile Choice

Six Steps for the best tile selection.

Six Best Tips For Tile Choice.

Choosing the best tiles for your home or business is one of the essential factors in a home renovation, new built or office fit-out.
The big problem is that there are so many different options (colours, styles, and textures).
To help with this, we have made a list of six top tips to help you with your tile choice.


six best tips for tile choice
grout colours

Choosing The Best Tile Size

As being a tiler that has tiled many bathrooms and floor areas, there are many myths about tiles sizes, the best tip I can give you is if you have found a tile that you absolutely love, then don't be afraid to use it, no matter the size, just remember in the end it's your choice. Typically the larger the room, the larger size of tile you can choose this help's balance the impact of your area's overall look and feel once the tiling has been completed. For example, if you have a large living room area to be tiled, it would look best if you chose a 600 x 600 floor tile, where if you have a very tiny bathroom, it would be more appropriate if you chose a smaller size tile. Still, sometimes this is not always the case as occasionally small tiles can make the room look too busy. In conclusion, you just need to use your own judgement to determine which tile suits the area to be tiled.

Type of Tiles to Choose Ceramic, Porcelain or Stone

This is the top 3 types of tiles you will find in any tile store in Perth.
The main difference is price, as ceramic tiles are the cheapest, followed by porcelain then stone. Depending on your budget, you can choose what tile best suits your situation or the style you are looking for.
Ceramic tiles are more likely to chip or crack if heavy items are dropped on them, that's why they're ideal for bathrooms.
Porcelain tiles are more strong, hardwearing and can be used in any residential or commercial situation.
Lastly, we have stone tiles that are naturally robust, practical and hardwearing which will suit any modern lifestyle.

Tile Shapes

When it comes to selecting wall or floor tiles for your home or business, you face an endless number of tile shapes, sizes and shades.
You don't always have to choose the most common - rectangle or square, as there are many other different shapes available in today's tiling market. For example, a popular choice for kitchen splashbacks is fish scale mosaics and hexagon-shaped tiles.
Here are a few different types of shapes of tiles you could also use on your laundry or kitchen splashback and bathroom walls.

Subway Tiles

Brick Tiles

Diamond Shaped Tiles

Round Ceramic Tiles

Herringbone Tiles

Fish Scale Tiles

Basket Weave Tiles

Arabesque Tiles

Pinwheel Tiles

Octagon Tiles

Chevron Tiles

Metal / Glass Tiles

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Colour, Texture and Finish of Tiles

In 2021 there is an abundance of colours, textures and finishes to choose from. Firstly The best way to decide is if you want a dark, light or neutral theme. Secondly, you need to determine if you want a rough or smooth texture, and thirdly you will need to decide if you would like a shiny, matt or semi-polished look. These three factors are a significant part of tile selection.

Tile Grout Colours

Choosing the tile grout colour and type,
When choosing the grout colour, you have to decide if you would like a seamless look meaning the grout colour is an exact match to the tile or if you would like complementing colour match, which is usually a colour slightly different to your tile, often using neutral colours and lastly if you want a visual effect by contrasting the grout colour, which means using a radically different grout colour to your tile, e.g. black grout with a white coloured tile.

How to Choose a Tiler in Perth

This is the last part of the "Six Best Tips For Tile Choice",
Once you have purchased your tiles, now you will need to find a local tiler to lay them for you.
When choosing a wall and floor tiler, you need to be careful you only select a professional and qualified tiler. They will ensure the job is completed to a high-quality finish.
To avoid any confusion, always ask your tiler for a written quote.
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