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Tile Selections Perth and Facts

Are you confused about what type of wall or floor tile to select for your new home or renovation?, at Tiler Tiling Perth, were always ready to help. Below is a list of the most common types of tiles you will encounter in today's tile market. When choosing your tiles, it's best to get professional advice from your tiler or tile retailer.

There are many advantages of choosing tiles over any other floor or wall coverings available in today's market, here's why

  • Use tiles in any external & internal area.
  • Hardwearing & long life.
  • Quick and easy to clean.
  • Very low maintenance.
  • Keeps your home or office cooler in summer.
  • Keeps your home or office warmer in winter (if used with an under tile heating system).
  • Water / Stain resistant (depending on the type of tile).
  • It can be an affordable option compared to timber flooring.
  • They are Hygienic.
  • Can make your property look stylish and beautiful

Ceramic Tiles

When people think about tiles, most people think of ceramic. Ceramic tiles have been utilized around the world for thousands of years, and the manufacturing process is still based on the same principle. They come in many different forms: red or white body, glazed or unglazed, dust-pressed or extracted. Ceramic tiles are best used for light traffic areas like your wet areas, such as bathrooms, toilets, laundry, and kitchen splashbacks. Many people are worried about putting ceramic tiles on main floor areas due to the ease of getting damaged, depending on your circumstances. If laid correctly and only used for domestic housing, it can be a beautiful flooring choice.

The advantages of ceramic tiles are:

  • Quick and easy to clean.
  • They come in a variety of patterns, colours, sizes, and styles.
  • They are Hygienic.
  • They are also highly water-resistant.
  • Easier for installation compared to other tile products.
  • A more affordable option for purchase and installation.
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Porcelain Tiles

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Porcelain tiles are manufactured using a more refined pressed natural clay. They are a very dense product due to the higher temperature heat used during manufacturing, making them a stronger, denser tile. They can be used for many domestic and commercial projects, internal and external.

Porcelain tiles are one of the world's most used tiles, from domestic bathrooms to flooring in shopping centres, and there are four types of porcelain tiles - glazed, matt, semi-gloss or polished.

The advantages of porcelain tiles are:

  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • They are Hygienic.
  • It can be used for domestic & commercial tiling.
  • Much Stronger, denser tile compared to other tiles.
  • Come in a variety of colours, designs and styles.
  • Use on most Internal and external applications.

Glazed Porcelain Tiles

Glazed Porcelain tiles are very similar to ceramic but are a lot stronger, and they come in many different styles, colours, patterns, and sizes. They are an excellent choice for any project, including bathrooms, laundry's, toilets, kitchen flooring, splashbacks, main floor living areas and any outdoor area including balconies, pool surrounds, feature walls and alfresco either walls or floors.
When considering glazed porcelain for exterior floor applications, it's best to use a slip-resistance, rougher texture glazed porcelain tile.

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Polished Porcelain Tiles

polished porcelain tilers perth

Polished porcelain tiles are manufactured with the same process as a porcelain tile but are not glazed on the tile surface, making them a full-body tile.
Polished Porcelain tiles have a beautiful mirror finish and can give your project a high-end appearance when tiled correctly. They are also a very common tile used in today's housing and commercial scene; the main sizes used are 600mm x 600mm.
They possess superior strength, making them perfect for high traffic areas and can be used in any interior project, either wall or floor. It's recommended for any exterior flooring to use a semi-gloss, matt or exterior glazed porcelain tile.

Matt Porcelain Tiles

A Matt Porcelain Tile (unpolished) is similar to the polished porcelain except for the tile surface that has not been polished, leaving a textured finish.
Best used for any wet area or external flooring.

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Semi-Glossed Porcelain Tiles

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Semi-glossed porcelain tiles (lappato) are similar to both polished and matt.

The only difference is they are lightly polished, giving you a semi-polished look, which means you receive the best of both tiles, not too shiny and not too matt.

These tiles are great for all internal and external projects. They look the best when laid correctly and can give your home or office a stylish luxury look.

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Travertine Tiles

Travertine is a form of limestone produced by hot spring's and can be found worldwide.
This natural stone is still today's most commonly used stone and has been utilized for thousands of years. Travertine can be used on all interior and exterior projects. It comes in different forms, either filled, unfilled, honed or polished.
When installed correctly, it can be used for many projects, including flooring, feature walls and bathrooms, travertine tiles with their natural beauty will give your home or office a luxurious and classy look.
Here are some of the different travertine styles found in today's tile market

  • Filled travertine – The natural forming holes have been filled with epoxy.
  • Unfilled travertine – The travertine has been left with natural forming holes to leave you the natural feel.
  • Honed finish – A machine or grinder has honed the travertine tile to give you a smooth honed finish, and this tile can come either filled or unfilled. 
  • Polished travertine – These tiled have been honed and polished to give you a smooth, shiny look, and they come usually filled.
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Marble Tiles

marble tilers perth

Marble Tiles are a luxury natural stone (metamorphic rock) and a sort of limestone which has been exposed to high heat and features veins and swirls of colour.
Marble is classed as a porous stone, which means it can be easily stained, and sealing is recommended. Marble tiles come in many different colours ranging from white, red, black, grey, green, and several other shades.
Marble tiles are best utilized for interior applications and, depending on what type, can also be used in wet areas. Marble tiles also require some care to keep them looking their best. Having marble laid in your home or office will bring a luxurious and classy feel and will keep your property stylish for many years to come.
Marble Pros and Cons:

Marble Pros and Cons:

  • It always looks classy and modern (pro).
  • More expensive to purchase and install (con).
  • More maintenance than tiles (con).
  • Can stain easily (con).
  • Possesses a long lifespan if installed correctly (pro).

Slim Porcelain Tiles

Slim porcelain is an innovation in the tile market; it ranges from 3mm – 7mm thick and can come in sheets 1 meter wide and 3 meters long, making it perfect for wall panels. They are also lightweight and easier to handle, These tiles require a professional tiling craftsman to lay due to the cost of purchase and installation, so there is no error for mistakes and excess wastage.
Slim porcelain tiles also require specialized tools like long-range tile cutters and grinding machines so sheets of 3 meters long tiles can be cut at ease.

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Mosaic Tiles

mosaic tilers perth

Mosaic's have been used worldwide for thousands of years and still is one of the first choices people use for decorative tiles.

Mosaic tiles are usually small pieces of tile supplied on a fibreglass mesh backing, and they can be found in many different patterns, colours, styles and materials. The primary elements of mosaics are glass, ceramic, stone, porcelain and metal.

Mosaics can give your tiling project a highly visual effect with their beautiful colours and flair when laid correctly.

Timber Look Tiles

Timber look tiles are commonly a glazed porcelain product, and they offer the natural beauty of real wood with strength, durability and water resistance.
There are many pros for using timber look tiles over natural wood flooring; here are some.

  • They are incredibly durable and resistant to scratching.
  • They are Water-resistant.
  • You can use it in all outdoor areas, including balconies, feature walls, AL-fresco's.
  • You can use it in all interior areas, including bathroom's, laundry's, toilets, stairs, kitchens, and living room areas.
  • They are low maintenance.
  • There's no sealing required.
  • You can use it in high traffic areas.
  • They are much easier to clean.
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Onyx is a high decorative translucent stone similar to marble. It's a very delicate stone and is generally supplied with a fibreglass mesh backing to give extra strength and to help with the installation process.
Onyx is best suited for use on internal walls and can give any project a beautiful finish with its natural decorative colours.

Pattern Tiles 

 3D Tiles

Pattern and 3D tiles are the latest crazes in the tiling industry.

They come in different geometric shapes, patterns, and styles and are the perfect feature for all your interior and exterior walls.

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Subway Tiles

subway tiling perth

Subway tiles have been around since the early 1900s and had been the tile-laying design of many underground subways in New York. These day's they are primarily used in the housing and commercial market for bathroom's, splashbacks, and feature walls, and they can give your bathroom or kitchen a modern retro style that looks great.
Subway tiles are commonly constructed from ceramic or porcelain materials and come in an array of different colours to choose from. They can be laid in various ways from the classic subway, stacked design, classic diagonal and the popular herringbone design.
There are many different sizes to select from, like the classic format, which is 75mm x 150mm, the Ultra-slim profile 70mm x 240mm and one of the most common 100mm x 400mm.
These tiles are the best option for feature wall areas internal and external, and they are a moderate price to purchase and install (depending on your desired design).
Below you will find a list of the most popular subway tile design's:

Subway Tiles Designs

  • Herringbone classic design 
  • Herringbone horizontal stacked
  • 45° Herringbone design
  • 90° Herringbone design
  • Stacked classic laid diagonally
  • Classic subway design
  • Step ladder design
  • Geometric look
  • Vertically stacked design
  • Vertically classic design
  • Stacked Horizontal design
  • Stacked vertical classic

Stone Cladding

Stack Stone

Stone-cladding is a thin layer of natural or manufactured stone or rock. It's typically found in a slab form with the sheared stones glued together to give you the authentic look of a stone wall.
It has many uses and is the perfect feature for your home or office. Many of our clients have used these products for their pool waterfall features, Outdoor entry's, and alfresco/entertainment areas as a beautiful stone feature.
There are many different types
of stone cladding/stack stone available, and they come in different colours, materials, and sizes.
The advantages of using cladding for your home or office are:

  • Low maintenance.
  • Strong & durable.
  • It can look like a natural stone wall if laid correctly.
  • Cost-effective to purchase.
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Thank you for reading about Tile Selections. I hope this guide has helped you towards your new tile choice. If you would like any more help or information about tiles or tile-laying, please don't hesitate to give one of our team members at Tiler Tiling Perth a call on 046 678 4842 or email office@tilertilingperth.com.au

At Tiler Tiling Perth, we are your local professional floor and wall tiles. We can do any tiling project, either large or small.  

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At Tiler Tiling Perth, we also can assist you with any of the latest styles and types of tiles, including :

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