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For any tiling needs that you may have, be it for your home or office, come to the best professional tiling service in Leeming - Tiler Tiling Perth.

When it comes to your home or office, you only want the best right? So why not hire a locally owned and operated Tiling business that has served Leeming and the surrounding areas for over 26 years? There’s no one better to understand your needs and provide the service you deserve.

Our Tilers Leeming can easily handle your residential or commercial needs, so contact us today and add some tile magic to your home or office.

We offer a free quote on our fall range of tiling services, so call our friendly team now!

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Commercial Tiling Leeming

If your office requires tiling work, why not take advantage of our professional and affordable tiling services in Leeming?

There is no job that our experienced and professional team can’t handle. When it comes to your workspace, you need experts who you can trust, and we are the best choice for you.

We only use the finest materials and best quality adhesives so that you can hire us with confidence! Let us transform your office in a way that will impress your colleagues, your clients, and any visitors you may have.

We offer a complete range of commercial services in Leeming, including interior and exterior waterproofing, tile removal and repair, floor screeding and tiling, and much more!

Call us today for a free quote on our range of affordable commercial tiling services available. 

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Kitchen Splashback Tiling Leeming

Constantly trying to keep your kitchen walls clean is a lot of work - have you considered the difference splashback tiling can make?

Not only will this brighten your kitchen with a facelift, but it will also make cleaning a breeze. Tiles are stain-resistant, so the stubborn stains you’ve spent so much time scrubbing will be a thing of the past.

We have a wide range of tiling choices on offer so you can have the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

To find out more about our range of luxury tiles and how Tiler Tiling can transform your Leeming kitchen, get in touch with our friendly team today!

Floor Tiling, Wall Tiling and Tile Repair Leeming

Nothing says elegance quite like quality tiling, and we can make this a reality for your Leeming home or office. At Tiler Tiling Perth, we can satisfy all your external and interior tiling needs for residential and commercial projects.

From the floors to the walls, we can handle all of your tiling needs with ease. With over 26 years of tiling experience, we use only the best tools and materials to deliver the highest standards for our customers.

We offer a complete range of wall tiling services as well floor tiling and floor screeding. Not only can we service new projects, but we can also repair any damage to your existing tiles as well!

You can view our selection of premium tiling services online or call our friendly team for information on our range of premium tiling products.

For a free quote, call or message us today!

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Bathroom Renovations Leeming

If you want to transform your bathroom, there’s no better way to do it than with fresh tiles! Let Tiler Tiling bring your vision to life, so you can have the bathroom you’ve been dreaming of!

We offer every you need from wall and floor tiling services, tiling removal and repair, leaking shower repairs, bathroom waterproofing, and more.

Stop putting your bathroom dreams on hold, contact the best Tilers Leeming has to offer today!

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Best Quality Wall and Floor Tilers. 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

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About Suburb

Leeming is located in the southern part of Perth, a Western Australian city. Three local government areas share the suburb. While it is bounded with the City of Canning to the northeast, it has the City of Melville to its south and the City of Cockburn to the southeast.
Leeming is not far from both Perth's central business district and Fremantle, with just 17km to the south and 13 km to the east, respectively.

Until the 1970s, the now Leeming was a part of Jandakot and was predominantly known for agricultural businesses. The first official recognition came when George Waters Leeming, a surveyor, laid out the area in 1886.
Three roads – Leeming Road, Beasley Road, and King Road – lead to the suburb. Though the area has been gazette since 1971, there was no construction until 1975. When construction finally started, it was in stages, with Gracechurch and Findlay Road built first. It took over ten years before construction could reach the south, west, and east of the area.
Many of the streets had their names from their original landowners.

Interesting places
The major places of interest in Leeming include the two shopping centres. The Leeming Shopping Forum is located between Farrington and Findlay Roads, while Leeming Park Shopping Centre sits between Dundee Street and Beasley Road.
Other areas of activities in Leeming include a recreation centre, sports facilities, and the Leeming Spartan Cricket Club.

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