How to Create a Natural Feel With Timber Look Tiles

Information you need to know before selecting wood look tiles for your home or workplace.

Wood and Timber Look Tiles


Can You Make Tiles Look Like Wood?

Well, it's a common misapprehension among many people that wood tiles will hardly match the natural and pleasant look of timber, but this is entirely wrong! You would be surprised to know how accurate and realistic they are.
Timber, the desired material that diverts our attention towards nature, has become very popular in interior spaces. Wood-look tiles, on the other hand, are durable and made from long-lasting materials.
Who has never dreamt of laying timber on the floor in your bathroom or wet areas? As a result of this, people were refrained by many flooring experts due to their heavy maintenance and swelling issues if the timber became wet. However, there is a perfect solution for your floors or walls in your bathroom and wet areas. You can now get the rustic wood look in a tile form made from porcelain or ceramic and create a unique look that can be achieved by laying wooden tiles on your floor to give you long-lasting durability and a natural feel effect.

Professional tile manufacturers, skilled individuals, and the latest techniques are used to produce quality wood look tiles. They are being manufactured to achieve a unique timber look. Many people are now installing them in their bathrooms, laundry, toilets, kitchens, living areas and even in their alfresco's without any risk of scratching or water damage. Timber tiles are beautiful and more practical too. Since they have many advantages; some of them are discussed below:

  • Strong and less prone to stain.
  • Environmentally Friendly -Trees have been saved.
  • Waterproof and won't get damaged by water.
  • They never get discoloured.
  • They can be used with underfloor heating.
  • They can be used in floors and wall areas.

What Are Timber Look Tiles Effect?

Timber Look Tile effect tiles are manufactured by many companies worldwide that can be laid in different areas of your home or office, either indoor or outdoor, that are less prone to damage, thanks to tile companies that perfectly replicate the aesthetic appearance of natural wood. However, we can only see a minimal visible difference between wood tiles and timber, as many companies can produce their biological effect and appearance.
And they use more than 60 different variations of wood to obtain aesthetic control over the timber look tiles.

Where Can They Be Used?

Many people can appreciate natural wood, but its characteristics do not allow them to be installed in every space. They are never recommended to be installed in wet areas due to their significant resistance to humidity. They are not suitable for places like bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools etc. Their absorption rate to water is equal to zero and are best suited for dry areas.
Polished timber flooring planks have several drawbacks, too, as they cannot be installed on the exterior. They also require heavy maintenance and must be protected from frost, water hazards, and sunlight. However, you can always substitute with wood-look tiles that can be installed in almost every exterior area to get an aesthetic natural look. Using wood tiles outdoors in your alfresco or porch areas can give your home a warmth and natural feeling. You can always provide a warm look to the interior, too, by using wooden tiles for your flooring, as many different designs are available from your tile suppliers.

Types of Timber Look Tiles

Tile producers around the world have studied many types of natural wood to get their aesthetic reproduction. Now, tile producers can offer the rare appearance of timber in a tile format material. Many types of wood tiles are available, and you can get a realistic interpretation of European Oak or Walnut tree. However, if your after an intense, stylish look, you can opt for grey wood tiles. Other timber tiles include your Classic, Burnt, Antique, White, Grey and rustic wood look colours.

Format of Wood Tiles

These tiles are mainly available in large formats to enhance your covered area. You can opt for rectangular wood tiles that produce the standard dimensions, thanks to new technologies. Different formats such as 120 cm, 140 cm and 225 cm could be available in your region. These lengths will enhance the interior area of your room and can give an appealing look as well.
Other formats have been produced, including the square design, with a 360cm dimension, which is more original and unusual for wood. For example, they can give your outdoor stairs an elegant look, especially surrounded by lush green grass.

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Benefits of Using Wood Look Tiles

Liquid Resistant

Most wood tiles are manufactured, less porous and denser than ceramic tiles. They are low water-resistant and usually consist of porcelain materials. That's why they can be used in damp locations such as basements, kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor areas. 

Less Stain-Resistant

Wood tiles are more resistant to staining. They can be used in areas where liquids are more prone. 


Porcelain timber tiles are more durable when they are maintained regularly. They are suitable for heavy pressure areas such as shopping complexes and commercial environments. They can bear heavy weight applied from the surface.

Easy Maintenance

Because of their durability and low stain-resistant nature, they can be easily maintained. Whenever a single piece of tile gets damaged, it can be easily replaced with another one quickly. Simply call a skilled tile repairer to get your damaged tile fixed with ease.

How Much Do Timber Look Tiles Cost to Lay?

The most important task of a newly built house or renovation is to decorate it. Many live comfortably when their home is well decorated. When selecting tiles for your home, you must be cautious. It's best to evaluate every aspect of whether to choose timber look tiles, natural stone or regular tiles? We should notice certain aspects of each tile so that we may never face any problems in the future. Some of these aspects are wear resistance, comfort, ease of maintenance, aesthetics and environment. So, in the end, it's best to choose the tile that will suit your budget and lifestyle.

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