Why Hire a Professional Tiler

Find tips on how to hire a professional tiler for your next tiling project.

The benefits of Hiring a Professional Tiler


why hire a professional tiler
why hire a professional tiler in perth

Why Hire a Professional Tiler

Hiring a Tiler in Perth is the Key to Tiling Perfection

Many things are significant when hiring the right contractor for your next tiling project, as many unskilled and non-qualified contractors might not understand or oblige the tiling building codes and regulations for Western Australia. This may lead to many issues like loss of money, time, materials, and your finished product's quality.

Only professional and experienced tile installers can produce quality work with long-lasting functionality and beauty for your tiled area. It must be realised that tiling is not just a decorative layer only, but it should also meet certain standards so that it's practical and long-lasting.

If you are looking to install new tiles in your home or any other commercial area, you may be tempted to do it yourself, but it is absolutely a more challenging task. However, it is better to hire a professional and skilled person for all your tiling works.

Here are several reasons explaining why hiring the right and skilled contractor for the installation of your tiles is essential

  • Covering of tiles and supplies under the manufacturer's warranty could be void if a skilled and professional individual does not install them.
  • In a lot of cases, homeowners will try to install tiles themselves to save on extra costs. But many think it's just a simple task, and often, once the tile install has started, the work involved is beyond their capabilities which results in a lot more costs, time and the quality of the tiling.
  • A professional and skilled tile installer can accomplish the task more efficiently rather than anyone else. It can take an extended amount of time to complete the tiling job if an unskilled individual engages in the installation; who is not well-trained and has not much knowledge on tile laying. Also, If problems arise during the installation, a skilled and professional tiler can correct it according to the desired requirements.
  • Tilers use many different types of specialised equipment that is essential to be used during tile installation. All the specific equipment is at their disposal, and they know how to make better use of it. Moreover, it will cost a lot more to buy the equipment needed. That is why it is always better to hire a qualified and professional tile installer.
  • Homeowners may face an issue of leftover material that is not required or used during the tile installation that can eventually go to waste, costing you extra money as estimating the quantity needed can be difficult for an unskilled person. On the other hand, a professional and skilled tiler knows how to conserve tiles to overcome this problem. This will ensure you will save time and money by hiring a professional tile installer.
  • When you need the removal and replacement of your tiles, you can rely on a skilled and professional contractor to do this. They will remove your existing tiles, lay the new tiles for you, and guarantee that your home stays clean and tidy during and after the tiling is complete.

The following are possible problems that you may often come across while dealing with unskilled tiling personal

Excess Time

an unskilled person or team will take longer to complete the installation.

Material Waste

an unskilled team does not entirely understand and know the job. Even they may fail in best application technique

Damaging your home or office

An unskilled team can damage your plumbing or any electric appliances within your home or office.

Loss of money

an unskilled individual or a team can waste a lot of your money if the tiling supplies get damaged and could even cost you more money if you have to replace the already installed tiles due to bad workmanship.

However, you can easily ignore these awful mistakes if you start working with high professional tile installers. The following are the incentives if you choose to only work with skilled, insured and certified professional tile installers:

Tile Warranty

When you work with high professionals in tile installation, you will notice that your tiles may be covered under a valid warranty. It is often said that a warranty is highly preferable because it serves as solid security. It is a sign or agreement that you are dealing with high experts who deliver great work and excellent services.
If anything goes wrong during your work, you are only bound to inform them rather than spending extra if the contractors supply tiles.
Moreover, this will not be the case if you work with unskilled individuals or do the tiling yourself.

If an unqualified contractor makes mistakes during the tile installation, you probably will have to cover the costs for replacements or either correction of your project. As a result, it would end up costing you more money and wasted time. If you would rather not take the risk, simply hire a professional individual or a team for this task.

Tiling Speed

Professional and highly skilled teams throughout Australia are available. These tilers can accomplish your tiling work within a day (depending on your project). Unskilled persons can do the same task taking many days. Professional tilers are also highly experienced and experts in their fields. (A qualified tiler will typically do a four-year apprenticeship just to acquire the trade), so a professional tiler is more knowable and can finish their task efficiently and speedily. Professionals are also passionate about their profession, which means less stress and headaches for you and your family members.
The faster your professional workers are done with the tiling works, the sooner you start enjoying your Wet areas, Bathrooms, Kitchen or any living space.
It would be best if you generally waited around twenty-four hours after the tile installation has been completed. But many professionals agree that waiting forty-eight hours would be better, so all products have cured correctly.

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Tools and Instruments

Professionals and highly skilled experts are well-equipped with many tools and instruments which help during the tile installation. These professionals know how to make the best use of this equipment to execute the best quality work for you.


The common misapprehension around the Australian region is that it will only cost you money while working with skilled and high professionals. Actually, working with these professionals would lead to the saving of money in different aspects. Some of them are briefly explained below:


Professional and skilled workers can do their work more efficiently, that is why you are not required to pay for the extra hours and days respectively.


You will never need to pay more money on extra tiles and supplies while working with skilled tiles installers. You will only pay for the material that is required for the project. Working with high and qualified individuals prevent you from an oversupply of materials.


Working with these skilled professionals, you will never face the consequences of repairing the tiles again and again. Your work will be as perfect as required.

Workplace Cleanness

Its no doubt cleanliness is as essential as the desired works. Professionals will make sure the area is clean straight after they finish their task. The best thing is that they often do their job more efficiently and in a speedy manner too. Moreover, working with unskilled professionals, the case would be somehow opposite as they may not clean up the areas, and as a result, you would have to clean it by yourself.

Hire Professional Tilers in Perth

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